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Parking on City Hall's Apron Could Soon Not Be A Thing

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Parking at City Hall has been a hot topic recently as the public has raised their collective eyebrow at city officials who use the north side of City Hall as a parking lot for cool kids. Well, that could soon change as Councilman Jim Kenney dropped the potential hammer blow to the perk during the City Council's final meeting of the year that would end the priority parking beneath the feet of William Penn.

By now, you've probably checked out City Hall Parking Lot, a tumblr dedicated to the parking-on-City-Hall subject. PhillyMag recently had a piece about who it is that actually parks there, a list that includes Mayor Nutter and City Council President Darrell Clark, among others.

Here's what Councilman Kenney said, via PlanPhilly:

"The courtyard, apron, and ground floor of City Hall and the adjacent Thomas Paine Plaza not only detract from the beauty of City Hall's exterior, they remain woefully underutilized public spaces that provide little value despite being some of the city's most economically valuable publicly-owned property."

So all of this backlash at the parking situation on City Hall could eventually lead to a better public space adjacent to an already amazing public space? That actually sounds like a good idea. We only have one question: When does a Middle of South Broad Street Parking Lot tumblr start to be a thing?
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