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Rittenhouse Area 'Chopper Boasts Ginormous Walk-In Closet

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This could be even better when you get your creative mind on it.

What will it cost you for 3-bed, 2.5-bath rowhouse in Rittenhouse Square with a master suite encompassing the entire third floor? Back in October, 510 S. 20th St. was looking to land $825K for the 1,935 square-foot pad. Present day, it's down nearly $100K and now asks $728,999. Now, let's check out the details. This house has three major things going for it: Location, a brick patio surrounded by ivy walls and the ginormous master suite. The rest of the house is great, too (minus the smallish kitchen), but really, check out the third floor. The "sitting room" is larger than the kitchen and has a vanity built right in. There's also a finished basement, so there's no shortage of storage. Is this master suite (and a $100K price-chop) enough to see this baby fly off the market before the New Year?

· 510 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia [Redfin]