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Isaiah Zagar Unveils new South Philadelphia Art Space Tonight

After eight years of work on a two-story former warehouse on Watkins Street, Isaiah Zagar is opening his latest tile, mirror, and glass-encrusted fantasy land to 80 patrons this evening, before closing the space again indefinitely to the public. Tonight's guests will be treated to Mexican barbecue and will be allowed to explore the space, which is not finished — some walls are still bare and Zagar has plans to construct a cupola on the roof.
"Zagar sees his work as a conversation between art history and his own id," says Newsworks.

"I can't describe it in words," said Zagar. "People ask, 'What are you saying with your art?' I can say, 'Well, peace and love.' But if it's only that that I'm saying, and you go away, you know nothing. You haven't experienced it."
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- Megan Ritchie Jooste