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Curbed Cup 2014 Kickoff Battle: East Passyunk v. Olde Kensington

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Who is ready for some Curbed Cup action? Here's the seeding for the Tournament of Philadelphia Neighborhoods. Today's battle pits back-to-back winner East Passyunk against Fishtown's noisy neighbor to the west, Olde Kensington. Two will enter, one will advance. Will it be the #1 Seed East Passyunk or is a major upset brewin' in the form of Olde (South) Kensington?

East Passyunk: Back-to-back wins in the Curbed Cup make the East Passyunk area the #1 seed this year. Featuring top restaurants and a great blend of old and new school neighborhood pride, East Passyunk will be tough to beat. As with last year, we've combined East Passyunk Crossing with Passyunk Square. The Armory project is rising and that vacant lot next to Pat's might even be redeveloped. We're not even going to mention the food scene, oops. Will East Passyunk continue its dominance or is a Duke-like upset brewing?

Olde Kensington: Tucked to the west of booming Fishtown and just north of cool-kid Northern Liberties, good things are on the way in Olde Kensington as well. Developers are looking to transform the first Salvation Army in the nation into the city's next great space. Kung Fu Neck Tie continues to rock the 'hood and its proximity to the El, Fishtown and NoLibs make it that perfect spot for both work and play. While the tipping point could be whether something ever happens at the site of the stalled Soko Lofts project, tons of projects have been completed in 2014 and even more are on the way.
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