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The New Year to bring New Owners to Peco Delaware Station

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It's the final countdown. Who will take over the Peco Delaware Station power plant owned by Exelon Generation Co? Potential owners have been touring the power plant, which sits on 16 acres of land between the Delaware River and 95 since the fall. The company is aiming to decide by the time the Mummer's start marching backwards from City Hall who will get the go-ahead for the purchase.

The power plant joins the parcel of land once proposed for the Trump Tower complex as another ex-industrial site on the riverfront just begging for development.

Bill McDermott, Newtown Square CEO of SAP SE tells the Inquirer Philly's waterfront is woefully under-leveraged, and declares that if he were mayor of Philadelphia, he "would develop an unbelievable business community on the water."
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- Megan Ritchie Jooste