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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (3) Rittenhouse vs. (6) Old City

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Rittenhouse: What else can really be said about the ever-posh Rittenhouse Square area? Featuring a great mix of historic houses and luxury high rise units, Rittenhouse has the social and restaurant scene on lock down while also being the prime location in the city — and it's not just the Square. Proximity to a booming University City, Fitler Square, Schuylkill River Park and the rest of Center City make Rittenhouse the most coveted and convenient 'hood in the city.

Old City: There's been a ton of action this year in Old City. South of Market St., Triumph Brewing Co. was replaced by the popular 2nd Story, Capofitto opened and, love it or hate it, the Museum of the American Revolution is currently in progress. North of Market, N3rd St. became official, boutique shopping is booming, Bread Street Estates is happening and there is life at 205 Race. Along the water, Race Street Pier is one of the most popular destinations in the city and it's now complimented by the newly opened FringeArts space featuring La Peg, a celebrated French restaurant with outdoor seating.
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