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Curbed Cup 1st Round Results! East Passyunk Dominates

This year's Curbed Cup kicked off with (1) East Passyunk in one corner, (8) Olde Kensington in the other. Olde Kensington put up a good fight, but the ever so popular East Passyunk destroyed the competition by securing nearly double the amount of votes, securing its place in the Final Four. Next up was (2) Brewerytown against (7) Pennsport, and together both neighborhoods brought in over 900 votes. It was close — within 20 votes — but Brewerytown secured 463 votes, which advanced it to the next round. (3) Rittenhouse duked it out with (6) Old City, and it ended with an upset. Rittenhouse tried, but Old City narrowly beat it out and will advance to the Final Four. And finally (4) Fishtown vs (5) Art Museum. The competition was fierce, but in the end Fishtown will advance to the Final Four. Thanks to all who voted, and we'll continue the Curbed Cup on Monday.
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