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This Old City Corner Penthouse is All Windows for $1.2M

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Unit #513 at York Square is an interesting multi-floor corner penthouse newly listed for $1.2M. Nestled on the quieter side of Old City at 4th and Vine St, the first thing we thought was damn, that's a lot of windows. Boasting southern views — you can peek over the approach to the Ben Franklin Bridge or even lovely St. Augustine's Church — this 3-bed, 2.5-bath place offers plenty of natural light. So much so, that you better make sure you have thick curtains in the bedroom, or always get changed behind that awkward faux-vanity/wall thing, Mr./Mrs. I-Like-To-Walk-Around-In-The-Buff-On-My-Day-Off. While the garish purple carpet in the master suite is an odd choice, the rest of the 2,828 square-foot penthouse is lovely, especially the large master bath with soaking tub, diagonal hardwood floors, multiple terrace areas and the spacious chef's kitchen. This unit also comes with two-car garage parking, which is pretty clutch in Old City. · 317-19 Vine St. Unit 513 [Redfin]