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Villanova Estate Is Like, Totally A Time Capsule to the 1980s

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As you know, we love featuring homes that are relics of a bygone era. While this house in Villanova, newly listed at $1M on the nose, isn't exactly turnin' heads for its ornate history or secret passageway, it is, nonetheless, an impressive record of those quirky 1980s. Built in 1979, the 5-bed, 3.5-bath angular abode is 3,846 square-feet and boasts an impressive 2-story window wall in the foyer, hardwood floors and a living room with exposed brick and a fireplace. The kitchen seems updated, but still has the large metal light fixture. What makes this listing incredible is that we don't think 80s-era furniture has been brought in for staging, so it's a little like if The Goldberg's had a million dollar home on the Mainline and haven't updated the furniture, wall decor or wood-paneled basement in nearly 30 years (hence the hexagonal tiles, multiple pink couches, glass tables, cobalt blue toilet and drop-in ceilings). The property features an enormous new deck with wide steps down into the yard area. So bust out your leg-warmers and bring back that mullet, the 80s are back in a big way, especially in Villanova · 1260 Lakemont Road, Villanova [Estately]