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The implosion of Queen Lane Apartments back in September was a sight to see. And, if you couldn't watch the planned spectacle in person, the video lived up to everyone's expectations of seven seconds of pure awesome. Newsworks reports that the site of the hulking apartment building has been cleared and the Philadelphia Housing Authority will hold a groundbreaking ceremony next week.

Back in September, we told you that the high-rise will be replaced with 55 units in two- and three-story buildings at a cost of about $22 million. Homes should be ready to move into by December 2015. Newsworks says the project should be completed in a "little over a year," with the groundbreaking planned for Dec. 17. DALE Corporation is leading the the construction efforts of the property. Construction is set to begin in January.

Also, remember that burial ground that was found on the site and held up the project? There's some news about that as well:

Since controlled implosions don't seem to happen too often 'round these parts, here's a video of multiple angles from the scene by Controlled Demolition Inc.:

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