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Google Street View Sees All, Including Poplar St. Car Crash

There was a pretty hefty car crash on the 3000 block of Poplar Street this past October. How do we know this? Well, the Google Street View time machine told us, that's how. Also, Redditor Iceman705 posted this link to the Philly Reddit page last night. A Ford Explorer looks to have slammed into a bridge embankment heading onto Poplar Drive and into Fairmount Park.

The scene shows the airbags deployed and first response units sorting out the details. We hope everyone was okay. Another Reddit user, GoGoGadgetReddit, did what all self-respecting Philadelphians would have done this in stance, some good-old fashioned rubbernecking. Yes, digital rubbernecking is becoming a thing. Here's the minor traffic jam caused by the crash:

· Google Street View update to Poplar St. -- Right, Place, Right Time [Reddit]