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It's Possible That The Real-Life Batcave Is In The Eraserhood

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Unit #304 at 1234 Hamilton St. is a fascinating unit. Last listed at $1.65M, it's a converted warehouse space tucked deep into the Eraserhood that's currently pending. It's 2-bed, 3-bath configuration is spacious and mysterious — a little too mysterious. On second-thought, it might just be the Batcave. The listing gives us a glimpse at the Caped Crusader-like amenities in this place:
· Overlooks the Reading Viaduct, south/west facing skyline views
· Private freight elevator with 8,000 lb. capacity
· Elevator "allows you to take your motorcycle right into the loft! HMMM
· Three (!) deeded parking spaces
· 24-foot high ceilings with large skylights
· Heated cement flooring
· Two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms
· Storage/workspace area
· Media den with brick coffered ceilings
· 20-foot long soapstone island in the kitchen
· Industrial soaking basin
· 26-foot Sapele wood bench made out of one piece of wood
· Video surveillance
· Fingerprint scanning entrance
· Custom steel finishes, including large winding staircase
· Butler named Alfred included in the sale*

*We admit that we may have made up that last item on the list. But seriously, this loft is 5,100 square-feet of mystery and intrigue — just look at that grand staircase! Too bad it's about to fly off the market. As per the listing, it was originally two units that were "painstakingly renovated and converted into a one-of-a-kind residence."
· 1234 Hamilton St. #304 [Redfin]