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Snap Up These Two NoLibs Fixer-Uppers On The Cheap

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Two rowhomes right next door to one another are on the market for far, far less than most homes in the area. They both have brightly painted exteriors, and they're in a great spot, right on American Street. The catch? One of them is just a shell, and the other "does need TLC and updating". However, with a combined price of $430K ($260K for 1002 N. American and $170K for 1004 N. American) for two rowhomes right down the street from the Piazza, these two properties should sell very quickly.

Though the house located at 1004 American Street is really just a shell, the house at 1002 American has some interesting historical remnants intact. The rough exposed brick is certainly original, and the hardwood floors look like they could be too. The real unexpected surprise, though, is a very, very old woodburning stove propped up on bricks. The place needs some work, but it looks pretty inhabitable, actually: there's a working kitchen and a working bathroom.
· 1004 N. American Street [Trulia]
· 1002 N. American Street [Trulia]