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30 Story Growth to Rise From Back of Historic Lits Building

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The Lits Building, the ornate white building on the 700 block of Market Street, may become a host for a 30 story growth to be known as the Mellon Independence Center Tower. The new residential tower would include a basement lobby, street level retail, and 29 floors of apartments.

In order for the MIC tower to go up, it'll need to get approval from the Philadelphia Historical Commission. The flashy white facade at the corner of 7th and Market will remain untouched, as the tower will rise from behind of the adjacent brown brick portion of the building. However, the tower is still a strange addition to the historic complex of buildings, and would tower over them (the proposed height is 429 feet).

Hidden City reports that the facade materials would be mostly white and gray, so as not to distract from the 7th and Market landmark. However, when asked about the building on twitter, Inga Saffron (the Inquirer's archicritic) said:

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