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Philly's Second Most Expensive Listing Just Dropped More Than a Million From Its Asking Price

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The gigantic Delancey mansion with splashes of color throughout just chopped a whole $1.35M off its asking price. Of course, the price is still a very expensive $6.85M, (it's still the second most expensive residence on the Philly market.)

The mansion is a huge 13,000 square foot monstrosity, and includes two kitchens (a formal kitchen, and a cozier one.) Will the new asking price bring it a buyer? It's a very unique home, and while it has a lot to offer, it won't appeal to every buyer. The decision to drop the price by 16.5% is perhaps prudent, given that it has been on the market since last June.
· 1901 Delancey Place [Trulia]