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LOVE Park's Skateboarding Wars Rage On

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Councilman Jim Kenney says that the recently approved plans for LOVE park's re-do have one thing missing: someplace for skateboarders. LOVE Park has long served as Center City's unofficial skatepark, and while Paine's Park, which was completed last year, has been well-attended since its first day, anyone who passes through LOVE park knows that skaters still spend quite some time there.

In 2002, Ed Bacon (one of Philly's most famous city planners) took to a skateboard at the age of 92 to protest the ban on skating in the park. Councilman Jim Kenney thinks that allowing skaters back in would be a great way to cater to "the international skateboarding community."

Current plans for LOVE park include new concessions and greenspace. The city is selling the garage located under the park for $30M. There has been no formal discussion of lifting the skateboarding ban.

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