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But Seriously, Why Won't This Fitler Square Home Sell?

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What about this place is keeping it on the market, forcing its owners to drop its price incrementally as the months pass by? It's been on the market since October, and its price has been dropping since two days after it was listed. Does having parking for two cars seem too extravagant? Are potential buyers worried that they won't be able to fill all 2,600 square feet of space? Would the maintenance of the lush patio garden be too much work?

It's not as though this home lacks coveted design features, either: there's exposed brick, exposed beams, mid-century modern looking windows, and a charming entry way. The exterior isn't anything to write home about, but it's not hideous.

What is keeping this place from being sold? At this point, the asking price is down to $1,175,000, more than $400K less than its original ask. Is there some kind of noxious smell that permeates the air on this block? Does an electronic billboard directly face a bedroom window? If you know why it won't sell, hit the tipline.
· 229 S. Van Pelt Street [Trulia]