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UPenn Plans Massive 'Pennovation Center' on the Schuylkill

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[Renderings via Philadelphia Business Journal courtesy of WRT]

Yesterday, UPenn revealed its master plan for a new "Pennovation Center" on the university's new South Bank campus, a parcel of 23 acres along the Schuylkill River which used to be the site of a Dupont factory.

The "Pennovation Center" will be a business incubator, with some lab space. Penn's president, Amy Gutman said that the South Bank campus

"will provide cutting-edge facilities and professional services for Penn's community of innovators, researchers, students and entrepreneurs, in order to accelerate the formation of new, University-based business ventures. It puts Penn at the forefront of new business development in the region and creates the potential for transformational change along the banks of the river just south of our campus" The master plan for the 23 acre parcel fits nicely with Penn's overall campus development strategy, Penn Connects 2.0, which aims to add more buildings to the university while expanding open campus space at the same time.
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