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Listing Proves That NoLibs Really is Philly's Williamsburg

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Sure, the assertion that Northern Liberties is basically Williamsburg is a little obnoxious: not everything is comparable to New York. This listing, however, is pretty undeniably Williamsburgian: there are two ladders that don't even go anywhere in the living room, the entry hallway includes a collection of rustic looking but useless objects, and there's an old sign for a suit shop repurposed as wall decor.

Are there any rooms without distressed furniture? Yes, but they're the bathrooms and the kitchen. Of course, the most Williamsburgian room in the house is the nursery, which is complete with cartoonish stenciled backboards for faux taxidermy made with stuffed animals.

This is actually quite a nice house: there's a deck, a large back yard, a few bedrooms, and two very nice bathrooms. The kitchen is a little cramped looking, but the dining room and living room area is quite large.
House Vitals:
Size: Three bedrooms, two and a half baths, 1,770 sq ft.
Amenities include: A back yard, a deck, a craft room or office, a walk-in closet, a few decorative fireplaces, hardwood floors, and exposed beams.
Asking price: $515,000
· 213 W George St [Trulia]