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Comment of the Day

You may as well allow oil drilling there, too and put some gas stations. Even a minuscule digital board is the wrong thing to do.
Philadelphia in general is among the ugliest cities in America due to the ridiculous volume of billboards along our highways. There is no skyline view when I drive into the city as a visitor because the entire view shed is blocked by liposuction, bad radio morning shows, furs, the auto mile, teeth whitening and random messages that no one is reading.
I'd restrict billboards in the city and set up a phased out plan for ALL billboards that block skyline, park or river view sheds. Not kidding for one second. The media companies that sell billboards, particularly in the Philadelphia market, know full well that they can shift those media dollars into other messaging platforms, eliminate ALL billboards and still grow their annual revenue to not only meet the shift in client spending but surpass it.
Bilboards are an "old" school of marketing messaging and we need to get smart - culturally, fiscally, environmentally - and move away from them completely."