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Buy This Housefull of Philly's Most Elaborate Ceilings Now

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This restored Mt. Airy manor has all the space and class that its olden exterior suggests, but the interior is brand new and frankly, a little strange: why is there so much attention to detail on the ceilings?

The listing copy describes this home as "grandiose" and the color choices as designer. Unfortunately, there's no explanation of the very custom, and very flamboyant wood used in the kitchen. There is, however, a mention that the kitchen contains "self-closing drawers".

House Vitals:
Size: Six bedrooms, three full baths, one half bath.
Amenities include: A front porch, a yard, a washer/dryer hookup, some very elaborate ceilings, self-closing drawers, a fireplace, a finished basement, a new roof, and a jaccuzzi.
Asking price: $549,900
· 6719 Emlen Street [Trulia]