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Philly's 20 Essential Pizzerias; Delivery Horror Stories

CITYWIDE — This week the entire Eater network celebrated our second-ever Pizza Week, so you may notice a bit of a theme: To kick things off, we mapped out Philly's 20 essential pizzerias, covering styles from Neapolitan to tomato pie to pizzazz and beyond. (Gluten free? You've got your own map right here.)

SOUTH STREET — It wasn't all sunshine and roses this Pizza Week, though. Eater readers nominated spots, voted throughout the week, and ultimately named Philly's very worst pizza.

FISHTOWNPizzeria Beddia just turned one year old this Pizza Week, but it's already considered by many to be the best pizza shop in town. Eater Philly sat down with owner Joe Beddia for an in-depth look back over his first year (including the genesis of his famous phone-free policy).

ALL OVER — Culled from readers and friends of Eater, here are some hilarious and cringeworthy pizza delivery horror stories. Grand theft auto, service nightmares, and "the white trash pizza mafia" — it's all here.

· Eater Philly [philly.eater]