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World's Most Picturesque Dentist's Office Now Asking Less Than Half of Original Ask

Behind the storybook ivy of this building lurks a fully equipped dentist's office. While that's probably not a selling point for most people, this place is a business and a home all in one, for a price that has been drastically reduced from $600K to only $295K.

Technically, the place is a "ORAL/MAXILLOFACIAL Surgery office", according to the listing. The listing also says that the sale includes equipment, and that the current staff would be willing to work for a new owner. The listing also mentions sound-proofed rooms, which seem sort of scary, but there's a residence attached to this oral surgery office, so sound proofing is probably ideal.

The house itself isn't exactly the world's trendiest or most updated home, but it is equipped with four bedrooms, a two car garage, and a solarium.
· 5170 Oxford Ave [Trulia]