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Five Perks You're Not Expecting at Philly Hotels

Sure, all hotels provide soaps, and most offer some kind of free coffee. But there are hotels in Philly that go above and beyond to bring guests quirky, over the top, and thoughtful perks. Here are a few of the best complimentary extras that come along with hotels in Philly.

1.) The Rocky Robe at Hotel Monaco: Sure, most luxury hotels provide nice terry cloth bathrobes, but only one Philly hotel provides a gray sweatshirt material number inspired by "Rocky".
2.) The Car Service at the Latham Hotel: Many hotels provide airport shuttles, but the Latham Hotel takes it one step further by offering free chauffeur services to its guests within Center City.
3.) Kids' Toys at the Four Seasons: Upon arrival, children are greeted by a chest of toys, stuffed animals, games, movies, coloring books, and other exciting items. If the hotel is told in advance that children are coming, they can put together an "age-appropriate treat" for the night of their arrival.
4.) The Overnight Shoe Shine at the Ritz Carlton: If you don't have time to get your shoes shined during the day, the Ritz Carlton will shine them for you, for free, while you sleep.

5.) The Liberty Bell Waffles at the Best Western: Sure, all Best Westerns offer free waffles, but a liberty bell waffle is something you just can't get anywhere else.