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Live/Work Loft Space in Queen Village Asks $779K

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Here's a space that's ready for a tech startup, a photography studio, or just a chic resident. It's a loft with an open floor plan, so it can be rearranged as needed, and it comes with a slew of custom built-in desks.

The downsides to this place include the fact that there's only one bathroom, and the lack of walls that reach all the way to the ceiling, meaning that noise privacy isn't really an option. Still, it's a cool space for an artsy professional who wants to work right out of their home,
House Vitals:
Size: Three bedrooms (or offices), one full bath, 3750 sq ft
Amenities include: Two parking spaces, exposed beams, a garbage disposal, roof access, and a washer/dryer.
Asking price: $779,000
· 704 South 6th Street #1 [Trulia]