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Which Center City Hotel Lobby Bathroom is Best?

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Need to use the bathroom in Center City? Don't want to duck into a Starbucks? Here's a ranked list of the hotel lobby bathrooms within walking distance. Their rankings don't derive from cleanliness (all surveyed bathrooms were spotless), but from design and user friendliness.

8.) The Morris House: Though the bathroom here recieves style points, it is essentially a tiny closet. This is not to detract from the many other lovely amenities at the Morris House, which is a gorgeous historic hotel. That said, the bathroom did not impress. However, it was the only bathroom to house its toilet paper in its own personal pavilion.
7.) The Loews: This bathroom loses points for a lack of friendliness and for boring design. It's stately, but stodgy, and there's a prominent sign explaining that the restroom is for guests and patrons only.
6.) The Courtyard Marriott: In order to get to the lobby bathroom, one must walk through the lobby snack bar/cafe, and uncover the bathroom's location. It is bedecked in an odd orange wallpaper.
5.) The Ritz Carlton: Not only was this bathroom located around a corner and up a flight of stairs, it was also boring. Though the yellow wallpaper was cheery, it was somewhat obvious.
4.) The Omni: Surprisingly luxe, the Omni's bathroom doesn't disappoint stylistically, but it only has two stalls.
3.) The Hotel Monaco: While this bathroom is very aesthetically interesting it is also very difficult to find: it is located down a hallway and then down a flight of stairs in the basement.
2.) The Flagship Marriott: Because the Marriott is so large, the sign in front of the bathroom declaring it to be only for guests is pretty much useless. It is by far the largest bathroom.
1.) The Latham Hotel: Though this bathroom is somewhat small (it only has three stalls and one sink), it was about the right size for the size of the hotel. It was easy to find, and charmingly minimalist in style. It's the chic cocktail bar of Center City hotel lobby bathrooms, complete with mood lighting.