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Here Now: Philly's Lack Of Affordable Housing Mapped

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The Urban Land Institute mapped the availability of affordable housing across the nation, county by county. The data for Philly isn't surprising, but it is another reminder that the city is in desperate need of affordable housing. In Philadelphia County, only 37 affordable rentals are available for every 100 households with extremely low incomes (according to the ULI, an extremely low income is less than $24,450 for a household of four people).

As bleak as the picture looks when affordable housing available with federal housing assistance factored in looks, the availability of affordable housing without is sobering: only eleven affordable places are available for every 100 Extremely Low Income households.

The map also shows data for 2006 and 2000. Though the situation was slightly better (in 2000, there were 39 available affordable homes, and in 2006 there were 40), it looks like there has been a serious dearth of affordable housing for at least the past fourteen years.
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