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South Philly 'Diamond in the Rough' Offers Spectacular Fireplaces and Holes in the Ceiling

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Here's a house that's part of the way though its transformation, but isn't quite ready for human habitation yet: there are breathtaking ornate fireplaces, a great skyline view, and holes in the ceiling.

The current owner has clearly started to gut the house, and while that might save the next owners a little bit of time and money, one wonders what was gutted. In a house like this, there may have been a rotting wardrobe or an ornate staircase that needed lots of restoration.

Buy this house before it loses its character!
House Vitals:
Size: Four bedrooms, one bath, 2,700 sq ft.
Amenities include: Several ornamental fireplaces, bay windows, a skyline view, at least one ceiling fan, an unfinished basement, stairs that lead to the roof, and central air.
Asking price: $340,000
· 1725 West Ritner Street [Trulia]