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Development Plans Surface For Long Vacant Spring Garden Public School

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Zoning notices at 12th and Parrish announce that a developer is looking to convert the old Spring Garden Public School into a 37 unit residential building with 13 parking spots. Next Wednesday, the Zoning Board will meet to decide whether to allow the developer to build the project as planned.

From looking at the zoning appeals notices posted at the site, it looks like the developer plans to put up a nineteen unit building in the vacant lot next door to the school, and to connect the two buildings with a four story "connector". There are also thirteen parking spots enclosed by a fence.

According to Naked Philly, the Spring Garden Public School was vacated around 1986 and was probably later used by the Pan-African Studies Community Education Programs as a center for GED classes, job training, and emergency assistance. Though PASCEP Inc. has also moved on, their sign still hangs above the front door. The lot next door is occupied by what appears to be a community garden.

The Art Deco structure, built in 1931, certainly has a lot to offer, and from the looks of this recent gallery of interior images, there are high ceilings inside. Of course the most exciting feature of the school building is probably the roof deck. It's almost hard to believe that it's taken a developer this long to propose a conversion.
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