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A Fitler Square Manor Designed by Frank Furness is Up For Grabs

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Here's a Fitler Square home designed by one of Philly's most beloved architects, Frank Furness. The house is outfitted with new amenities, like a redone kitchen and central air, but still retains its built in 1876 character.

Though this place looks its age, it also comes with the cheery colors that the walls are painted. For a historic house, it is incredibly bright: many historic homes tend to be dark and musty looking, but this one seems light-filled and cheery.
House Vitals:
Size: 4842 sq ft and an additional 1882 sq ft on the lower level. Four bedrooms, two full baths, and two half baths.
Amenities include: Central air, a library, hardwood floors, five fireplaces, a slate roof, a deck, and hardwood floors.
Asking price: $1,850,000
· 2201 St. James Street [Trulia]