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Live in An Expansive Manor West of NoLibs For $1.1M

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The hilariously overblown brokerbabble in this listing might actually be justified by this huge mansion just east of Northern Liberties. The pictures, while stunning, don't include views of the "PARK LIKE central GARDEN" or the "EXEMPLIFICATON of the most amazing WALK IN CLOSET", which is really too bad. Is it, as the listing announces, a "Celebrity Mansion"? Not precisely, but it is very opulent.

What the pictures do show, though, is a very ornate residence in an area of Philly where such extravagance isn't often found. The super detailed crown moldings, ornate mantles, and hand carved wood seem to belong to Chestnut Hill, but they're right in the midst of things, less than a block below Girard Avenue.
House Vitals:
Size: 5,868 sqft, a six bedroom main residence and a two bedroom apartment.
Amenities include: Lincrusta (pressed leather walls), a stained glass cupola in the music room, a garage, a basement, hardwood floors, a central courtyard, and a wine cellar.
Asking price: $1,100,000