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Check Out This Renovated Carriage House in Queen Village

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If you're looking to circumvent the difficult search for parking, this is the place to live: there's a gigantic garage that can take on three cars, and an ultra cool loft above it. According to the listing, there's even a chance that the back half of the garage could become more living space.

Though this place is very spacious, it also has an open floor plan, which means that there's really only one bedroom. The asking price might seem high for a one bedroom living situation, but the industrial chic elements will probably help this place sell for close to its asking price.
House Vitals:
Size: One bedroom, one bath, a three car garage on the first floor
Amenities include: Two skylights, hardwood floors, a wall of closets, and three car parking
Asking price: $550,000
· 628 Kater Street [Trulia]