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Reborn Chestnut Hill Mansion That Literally Rose From The Ashes Just Hit The Market

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The first mansion built at this address, known as "Stonecliffe", was surrounded by walls 24 feet high, and sounds like it was a very convincing impression of a medieval castle. When it burned down, it was converted into a swimming pool, and in the 1970's, most of that swimming pool became this house.

Though this house certainly retains some castle-like elements, there's a strong influence of 1970's architecture, particularly evident in the very low hanging roof and large glass sliding doors. The listing copy insists that "The address is Chestnut Hill... but the ambiance is strictly Provence."
House Vitals:
Size: Five bedrooms, two full baths, one half bath, 5,255 sq ft.
Amenities include: A large swimming pool, two large decks, a massive hearth, a central courtyard, stone arches, and a skylight
Asking price: $1,400,000
· 7 Caryl Ln [Trulia]