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Clocking in With Stylist Gregory Bissonnette: Go Behind the Scenes on House Beautiful's May 2014 Cover Shoot

Welcome back to Clocking In, a video series in which Curbed explores one individual's artistic contributions to the great, wide "wheel" of design; in other words, cool stuff cool people create. Care to nominate someone noteworthy? Do send a note.

The series continues with Gregory Bissonnette, a Brooklyn-based editorial stylist, design consultant, and artist whose work—here, it's going into a gracious home on Long Island's Gold Coast and prepping it for a House Beautiful photoshoot—has appeared in all the major shelter mags. Bissonnette arranges flowers just so and pulls accessories into stylish vignettes, all the while "working with the photographer to see what the best angle is," he explains. "And then once that's established, then I try to create a story." This particular story? A pair of Francophiles with three boys, various pets, and, as the homeowner tells the magazine, "friends coming in and out, cocktail parties for 70 people, the clutter of my collecting—and my fashion-driven habit of changing fabrics and colors from season to season." Bissonnette's creative challenge is to make the readers of the May 2014 issue, where this project appears on the cover, feel what any guest would; in the owner's words, "Walk through this house and you'll see where I've been and know who I am right now." Above, give it a watch.

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