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Here's What Philly's New Bike Share Bikes Will Look Like

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Although it's somewhat disappointing that Philly will have to wait a whole year until bike-sharing hits the streets, there is a silver lining: officials revealed that a bike sharing company called B-Cycle will set up and operate bike sharing in the city of brotherly love.

According to B-Cycle's website, all of their bikes are equipped with lights in the front and back, a bell, a built-in lock, and a basket. They are also equipped with technology that tracks how many emissions each cyclist saves, and how many calories they burn.

The docking stations used by B-Cycle are solar-powered, and come equipped with a kiosk for unlocking bikes. Though the website says that a B-Cycle membership card cannot be purchased without a credit card, there will be cash payment options in Philly so that the bikes will be accessible to low income riders. Annual B-Cycle memberships in other cities cost from $30 to $80 (the least expensive memberships appear to be for students), and entitle the holder to unlimited free trips that last 30 minutes or less. Every additional half hour costs the user $4.
· B-cycle [Official Site]
· Bike-share not coming to Phila. till spring []