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Oh The Difference That Listing Photos Make: A Case Study

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If this place looks familiar, that's because it was profiled on both Property and Curbed Philly. When it was first put up for sale, nary a buyer could be found at its original listing price of $1.675M or its revised price of $1.45M. Now, though, the broker might have a little more luck, thanks to some new listing photos.

For one, this set of listing photos highlights a major selling point of this property: it has a roof deck. The real improvement in this set of listing photos, though, is that it focuses on the less rustic looking elements of the apartment. The layout, furnishings, and amenities are the same, but where the last set of photos made this place look like a fixer-upper, the new set makes it look like a loft-style carriage house.
· New Mixed-Use Listing: Steampunk-esque Carriage House Built in 1913 [Property]