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Turn This Church Into Your Very Own Fishtown Mansion

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Yes, there's a church for sale in Fishtown, and no, the broker is not shopping around for another religious group to buy the space. Instead, this church is on Trulia, and it's being pitched as a potential Fishtown mansion, or as "a great development opportunity."

This church comes with super long stained glass windows, its very own parking lot (always a boon in Fishtown), and a built-in pipe organ. There are also quite a few pews just begging to be "reclaimed" as is the style in Fishtown, and a standard church basement, complete with a fake Christmas tree.
Size: No square footage listed, and there aren't any bedrooms, but it's big.
Amenities include: A built-in pipe organ, many pews, huge stained glass windows, a very literal cathedral ceiling, a parking lot, and probably church bells.
Asking price: $750,000
· 1403 Marlborough St #9 [Trulia]