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Filed under: Says The Rail Park Is 'Firming Up'

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Plans to create an elevated rail park from the remains of the tracks once run by the Reading Railroad continue to be the subject of progress reports in the Philly media. The first step to creating the park is park-ify the spur owned by SEPTA that runs along Callowhill street and ends at 13th and Noble. The first step toward realizing that goal is funding it.

The cost of putting that first step together is estimated at $8.6M. $4.3M of that figure has already been pledged to the project by the city and the state in their capital budget and Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, respectively. Friends of the Rail Park, the advocacy and fundraising organization dedicated to making the elevated park a reality has already raised $70K. The remaining challenge is to raise $3M. The William Penn Foundation has pledged some funding for the park but doesn't want to say how much just yet.
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Reading Viaduct - Noble St Entrance

Noble Street, Philadelphia, PA