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Contemporary Home With Contemporary Treehouse Asks $1.1M

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This house is understated, elegant, and modern, but it also includes quirky features that make it a home. There's a custom treehouse outside, and other whimsical and fun features inside.

This house also offers an outdoor patio with a built-in grill station ready to go, and what looks like a fire pit. There are small details that make the house more homey, too: a closet that doubles as a chalk board in a child's bedroom, a secret compartment that hides the T.V. when it's not in use, and a large soaking tub.

House Vitals:
Size: Four bedrooms, 3 baths, 3,170 sq ft
Amenities include: An outdoor grill station, a yard, a two car garage, a custom treehouse, a soaking tub, hardwood floors, and a fireplace.
Asking price: $1,095,000
· 6 Moreland Circle [Trulia]