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Over The Top Opulent Rittenhouse Manor Just Hit The Market

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The red velvet curtains hanging beneath ornamental wood carvings get the message across: this place is super lavish. The curtains might not stay, but the hand carved fireplaces and crystal chandeliers will.

Though many historic details are preserved in this house to great effect, there are some parts of the house that just look a little dated. The kitchen, in particular, begs for a renovation, and the closets in the bedrooms also seem a bit past their expiration date.

House Vitals:
Size: Six bedrooms, four baths, 4,018 sq ft
Amenities include: A very lavish first floor, lots of stained glass windows, several woodburning fireplaces with ornate mantels, a large, circular tub set aside in its own room, and a basement.
Asking price: $2,230,000
· 2031 Spruce Street [Trulia]