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What's Next For Fairmount Park?

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Tonight, the Department of Parks and Recreation will unveil its plans for a new and improved Fairmount Park. Though the plan's vision, which is to make the park more accessible and enjoyable for all Philadelphians, is ambitious, its specific goals are somewhat smaller.

Though Fairmount Park is the largest swath of city-owned parkland in the world, it is hard to access, underused, and underfunded. In other words, it's clear that there's a lot of work to be done to take advantage of it.

Inga Saffron got to take a look at the master plan, and wrote that, "The plan contains dozens of micro-recommendations" and "several bolder ideas", but that she suspects those bolder ideas "won't see the light of day". One of the most exciting ideas is to create a public boathouse, opening the Schuylkill River up to Philadelphians who aren't part of a private boating club or university.
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