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"Enchanted" Fitler Square "Charmer" is Calling Your Name

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We're going to assume that if you're looking to buy a house in Fitler Square that you have some serious coin. It's one of Philadelphia's quaintest, most desirable neighborhoods for a reason. Now, if you're single and looking for a place, well my friend, we have the house for you. It's a one bedroom, one bath rowhome complete with eat-in kitchen and "French Country Garden." And yes, it's on Panama Street so you know cobblestones are involved.
As you can see from the pictures, it's an incredible (and incredibly small) home for a shade under $450k. And while the brokebabble makes it sound cliche, the house is indeed charming and enchanting. The stepped fireplace alone would fit the bill, let alone the hardwood floors, painted brick and leafy outdoor space. What do we think, gang? Is it worth $450k for your very own slice, albeit tiny, of Fitler Square?
· 2424 Panama Street [RedFin]