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Tiny Fishtown Block Experiencing Quite the 'Rebirth'

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Moyer Street, a small side street just off of East Columbia Avenue in Fishtown, is getting another large development in the near future. Our friends over at Naked Philly have the details on the construction of Moyer Street Court, "apparently from the same developers that have owned the parcel for years, will involve the construction of eleven new homes in two rows. The new homes will range in size from about 2,000 sqft to about 2,600 sqft, and each home will have garage parking." The construction of these residences must be a welcome sight to the block as the building used to be a holding area for repossessed cars.

Naked Philly also focuses on the nearby construction of phase two of The Ice House project. Across the street from Moyer Street Court, the second phase, which fronts Moyer Street, filled a once vacant lot and is already sold out. There will be nine additional condos with access to the parking garage that was built during phase one. We love it when a smaller street starts making a comeback. - James Jennings

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