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Trans Atlantic Warehouse Proposal in NoLibs Approved

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The Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association (NLNA) unanimously approved the adaptive reuse project for the Trans Atlantic Warehouse located 420-42 Fairmount Avenue. The former home of an architectural hardware business, the warehouse will be converted in to 25 town homes and 41 apartments. Overall, neighbors were pleased with the proposal except for one tiny aspect: Parking. Yes, it always comes down to parking with projects this size. From Property: "Nobody has just one car any more; they all have two cars," said one neighbor at the meeting. "When this [project] happens, and it's gonna be overrun with cars, there's no plan for dealing with them and it'll destroy the character of the community."

Other tweaks to the proposal were brought up by NLNA, namely the need for a larger retail space on first floor of the warehouse portion, but it was parking that raised the biggest concern. The developer's have proposed a 1:3 parking ratio and smaller apartments that "appeal more to carless residents."

Sadly, as far as we know, there has been no word about the restoration of the awesome water tower that adorns the top of the warehouse. Let's hope they keep that baby intact.

What's your take on large scale mixed-use projects and parking? Do you agree that city developments should build to appeal to a more "carless" crowd or should there be enough parking to go around for residents and neighbors alike? - James Jennings

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