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And Now, a Fight Song for the Expansions at The Linc

Fly, Eagles, Fly
With expansions, so shin-ny
Fly, Eagles, Fly
Add viewing Sec-tions
One, Two, Three

Flat screens low
Flat screens high
def-in-i-tion oh so hi

Fly, Eagles, Fly
With expansions so shin-ny


Seriously, let's give a little love to the expansion efforts currently underway at Lincoln Financial Field. With construction taking place 'round the clock through day and night shifts in hopes to be ready in late-July, the project looks to "transform the gameday experience" for fans looking to boo the hell out of Tony Romo Desean Jackson next season.
Here's the rundown:
·Newly constructed corner seating sections add roughly 1,600 seats
·Walking/Standing Room Only bridge for 360 degree elevated path around the stadium
·Creation of the Touchdown Club, a bar/lounge at the 50 yard line
·Two new club suites: The Panasonic Club and The SCA Club
·Two new high definition video boards in each endzone
·New Panasonic video boards are highest definition LED boards in the NFL
·9,400 square feet of video and ribbon boards

For a better look at the new luxury suites and construction process, check out this video over at CSN Philly.
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