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Streets Dept. Has Filled How Many Potholes Since January?

The city Streets Department says it's filled more than 35,000 potholes since January—that's more than twice the average for the entire year. While this may not come as much of a surprise due to the crazy winter we endured just a few short months ago, it does mean that crews will be putting in extra work to fill the increasing number potholes still left to fill. The Inky recently followed a crew running "The Pothole Killer" - an asphalt truck used to maintain the streets. "I don't think we will ever catch up," said Paul Pettet, a 27 year vet in the pot hole filling game. Sorry, Mr. Pettet, it's not going to get any easier now that anyone can report a pot hole to be filled directly to the Street Department via Twitter.

It's been a double-edged sword, the positive is that crews are working hard to fill and maintain current pot holes. Again, 35,000 potholes is nothing to scoff at. However, it's starting to delay work typically left for spring time. Crews are filling pot holes when then should be repaving entire streets.

According to the article in the Inky, it costs the city $22 to fill a pothole - relatively inexpensive. However, the crunch comes from the amount of overtime dollars paid to crews who are forced to work Saturday shifts through July to catch up with an ever-growing inventory. That gets even higher once you add in the overtime paid out during a heavy winter full over plowing and salting. Hey, someone has to get paid for plowing the city out of 68 inches of snow. "Since the last snowstorm, in March, the city has spent $64,450 more than the $124,571 budgeted for overtime for fixing potholes."
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