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School Conversion Taking Shape on Moyamensing Avenue

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[Photos by: James Jennings]

It looks like the proposal to convert the former Sacred Heart School into Christopher Columbus Charter School is finally starting to take shape. An orange zoning notice recently popped up on the wrought-iron gates of the large, brick building located at 1329 East Moyamensing Avenue, across from The Industry bar. While we don't know the specifics of the plan just yet, the sticker offers some valuable insight into the future of the building whose cornerstone reads "1892" and recently purchased back in March of 2013 for "about $2.7 million." Surrounded by a large, open concrete space on two sides, the new school will look to expand the footprint of the building to create more room for nearly 800 students. School officials will present their plans at a community meeting in Pennsport on Tuesday, June 3rd. The official zoning meeting takes place on the following Wednesday, June 11 at 2pm. - James Jennings

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