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Latest Pop-Up Garden Will Be Located on South Street West

[All photos/renderings via Naked Philly & JKR Partners]

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has announced the site of their latest iteration of the wildly popular summer Pop-Up Garden, which will run from mid-June through mid-October. While last year's site will soon become part of Carl Dranoff's skyline altering SLS International, this year's will be located in the lot to the right of the Jamaican Jerk Hut on the 1400 block of South Street. Not only will this year's garden continue the food truck/craft beer scene wrapped in an imaginatively landscaped experience, it will also highlight another lot that's ripe for development in our fair city. As for the lot to the left, which used to house the outdoor dining/live music space for the Jamaican Jerk Hut, plans are in place to turn it in to a five-story, 32 unit mixed use building with a huge retail space on the ground floor. Also, three single-family homes and a single carriage house are planned for the lot's south side fronting Kater Street. - James Jennings
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