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Outdoor Advertising, The Scourge of Philadelphia, Moves to Public Buildings and Vehicles

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At least twelve advertisers have answered the city's call for advertising proposals, which means that ads will probably be going up on city-owned buildings and vehicles soon. SEPTA, which already allows advertising on their vehicles, has a contract that will rake in $150M over seven years. Though Philly is strapped for cash, some billboard and outdoor advertising opponents are horrified that the city's public buildings will be overrun with advertisements.

The executive director of Scenic Philadelphia, an anti-billboard advocacy group, said "It's very disheartening to live in a city that so little values its aesthetic treasures that it would sell them off". She says that advertising is supposed to be banned from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, but the Central branch of the Free Library, which occupies a prominent spot on the parkway, is being considered as a prospective advertising site.

The city's Managing Director says that there will be no traditional billboards considered, and that the content of the advertising will be carefully selected. Department of Health vehicles, for instance, won't carry ads for food, drinks, medical services, or pharmaceuticals.
· Phila. prepares to sell ads on municipal buildings, vehicles []