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Springfield, PA Named Fourth Most-Simpson-like Springfield

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Many fans of The Simpsons have long wondered where-in-the-heck the "real" Springfield is actually located. And while creator Matt Groening may be flip-flopping on its true location, Estately went ahead and determined that good old Springfield, Pennsylvania in Delaware County is the fourth most Springfield-like town in the United States. Based on 11 sets of Simpsons-specific data, including proximity to a nuclear power plant and the number of bars, donut shops, and mini-marts per capita, they ranked each Springfield to see who would take the cake, er donut. "The city [Springfield, PA] would have been ranked higher were it not for a lack of mini-marts, comic book stores, and professional clowns," said Estately's Ryan Nickum.

In all, Springfield, Pennsylvania fared best in a few rankings that moved them up the charts. It's proximity to the nuclear power plant in Limerick gave it the number one overall ranking for the category. It also had the most residents with the last name 'Simpson' of any in the top ten and assumes that at least one of those Simpson's is employed at the facility. What firmly planted it in the top five was the existence of Moe Springfield Grille, a favorite local watering-hole that serves Duff beer. And while it had the second most Google searches for 'Homer Simpson' — it ultimately couldn't supplant Springfield, Missouri, which torched the competition. If only there was a Ned Flanders living in Springfield, Pennsylvania.
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